Priebeh hry


  1. At the start of a game, each guest at the table receives the same amount of chips (approx. 500€) as admission to the game. Already at this point you can see how people become excited gamblers.

This deposit will be lost by some players (who will vacate their place for a new player), but they will nevertheless leave having had a new and exciting experience. Others can multiply their deposit severalfold.

If anyone wishes to quit the game at any point, the game will be interrupted and our croupiers will calculate the player‘s current amount of chips and exchange them for the „fun money“.

When the agreed time of the event is over, the players will be asked to count their winnings and this will determine the allocation of prizes.

  1. Every table uses chips of the same value, so you can try several games and the chips and fun money are transferable from one table to another. It is not necessary to count every table separately. The amount of winnings is the key factor.
  2. Prizes are very welcome and recommended in order to motivate your players to enter the game. They can be of very different kinds: electronics, alcohol, weekend getaways, gift baskets, etc.

The prize value is sometimes less important than motivating a healthy sense of competition. We have experienced events with just a couple of bottles of good wine, or the possibility of buying a drink at the bar after reaching a certain amount of chips. The choice of prizes depends only on your options.

We have had good experience with 3 main prizes + 3 to 5 consolation prizes, in order not to make the giveaway/auction too long.

The announcement of winners itself and prize giveaway happens after the end of the playing event.

Hour-long mini-tournaments are also very popular. The most successful players from each table are announced and rewarded after every hour of playing. We often manage to play 4 to 5 mini-tournaments.

We never play for money.