The price quotation is set for a 4 to 5 hour-long event.

As it is preferable to prepare and install the tables prior to the arrival of your guests, we require delivery of the tables in advance.

Croupiers start working at the time agreed with you, as part of the programme, when all guests are already present. These two different time slots thus need to be agreed to in advance.

Every table requires a space of approximately 4x3m. No need to reserve chairs for the roulette table, as the guests will be standing in order to reach the table layout.

7 to 9 chairs are needed for every card table.

Everyone likes good music and fun at parties. However, be sure not to place the x tables next to the music production. The guests who come to us to try their luck at our games mostly have no prior experience with xs. Therefore our croupiers need to be able to smoothly and repeatedly explain the rules, which wouldn’t be possible with loud music nearby.