Cenník prenájmu

We will be happy to recommend the optimal number of tables from our wide portfolio and advise you on the best combination of games depending on the number of your invitees, the venue or other specific requests. The quotations for our production are determined by the number of tables and the chosen combination of games. The quotation is of course non-binding. For your satisfaction we offer great discounts for every game combination.

Every party is unique and therefore we strive to provide an individual approach to each of our clients.

Game – table Price € 
American roulette (table with roulette wheel) 410€
Blackjack (card game) 280€
Stud Poker (card game) 280€
Exclusive Texas Hold-em Poker (card game) 280€
Texas Hold-em Poker (card game) 280€
2 tables: 2 card tables   (20 guests) 490€
2 tables: roulette + card table (20 guests) 535€
2 tables: 2 roulette tables (20 guests) 695€
3 tables: roulette + 2 card tables (25- 50 guests) 755€
4 tables: roulette + roulette + Black Jack+ Poker (55- 80 guests)
5 tables and more: roulette + roulette + Black Jack + Stud Poker + Texas Hold-em Poker… (over 100 guests)


You can get a great discount with every combination of games from our portfolio.

Our staff will be happy to acquaint you with the games and explain the easy rules. Our company is exempt from VAT.

The price includes:

  • The hire of game tables
  •  Additional equipment – chips, roulette wheel, cards
  • Staff, including transport

The price is set for events up to 4 hours long.

For specific requests the prices can be modified upon agreement.

For repeated orders, we offer LOYALTY DISCOUNTS according to the agreement!

The price does not include the expenses for transporting the tables outside of Bratislava. Such transport is invoiced 0,35€/km. The transport of tables inside Bratislava is free of charge.

It’s possible to use casino banknotes with your company’s logo. You can of course book their creation and printing through us.